A little more beading ......

A little more beading.....

The snow was dumping fast and furious last week, transforming our little corner of the world into a winter wonderland. With snowflakes twinkling in mind, I dug out our Christmas tree skirt. I've been enjoying the evolving Christmas tree skirt over the last few years. You can read the whole story here. This year I seem to be running behind in all things Christmas. Should I admit that I don't even have my Christmas tree up yet? (gasp!)  But I knew I wanted to get going on my yearly embellishment. After careful inspection, and snowflakes dancing outside, I decided on this year's addition.

This is the original stencil.

The difference is rather slight, as I don't have the luxury of months or even weeks to work on it. Small though it is, the act of sitting down each evening, stitching and beading, feeling the fabric in my hands, remembering happy times in Christmases past, and deep gratitude for my family and friends now has brought me peace and joy.

I hope that you too may find a moment or two to sit and bask in this most wonderful season of peace and joy.


  1. Very nice! Love the Alabama Chanin vibe.

  2. Thank you~ I love using all the wonderful techniques I've learned from them.