Having fun with the wood burner

Having fun with the wood burner ~

I've heard tales that my Little Grandma (great grandmother) had a penchant for burning. She was the sole caretaker of her large grounds, even into her 80's. I distinctly remember the smell of burning leaves and brush oftentimes while staying with her as a child. So it's no surprise to me that I am fascinated at the moment with my little wood burning set. The smell takes me back to autumn days at her house in the most comforting and bucolic sort of way.

This fall my son asked me for some family recipes. I set about gathering favorites that I knew he liked. I found some handwritten recipes that my husband's mother wrote for him when he went away to college, oh so many years ago. I knew I had to add those to the collection.

You can see the splatters on this most favorite recipe.

 I had an old wedding photo album in my "stash" that had never been used. It had a wooden cover and leather binding. It was exactly the feel I was after....of course, minus the "Happily ever after" words that were burned into the cover. I hot glued some scrap wood over it, and found an interesting idea for a new cover.

Photo album with wood pieces attached.

I attached a leather cord so the recipe book could stand upright for easy reading while cooking.

I had so much fun making the recipe book, that I decided to make some wood burned gifts for Christmas. I found a set of  eight wooden cooking utensils at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $4.99. I also picked up a couple of tiny toast tongs, some serving forks, Christmas ornaments, and Christmas tags.

After playing around for a bit, I found I really enjoyed the effects of the leaf shaped tip in my wood burning set from Walnut Hollow. I used a regular pencil to draw some curly "vines" on the spoons. I used the leaf tip to imprint the leaves, then switched to the flow point tip to burn in the vines, curly-cues, and dots.

Here's a spoon my son made. He's added so much detail. I love it, and am so happy that he gave it to me!

This package of culinary treats is all tied up and ready to give.

I picked up some blank wooden discs at the craft store and made these sweet little earrings. I used a stamp to imprint the pattern, then the tiniest wood burning tip to burn the image into the wood. They're very light too; perfect for those with sensitive ears. I can't wait to make up more of these.

I'm still searching for more wood to burn and excuses to get my little wood burning set out and use it.

I hope your holidays are warm and happy.


  1. I love this post. I've gathered everything to do some wood burning. It looks like a lot of fun and I want to cover some wine boxes in pattern.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Catherine! Your wine boxes sound really cool. Let me know how it turns out. I keep searching for more wooden things to play with. Happy New Year, my friend!