Crocheted addition

Crocheted addition~

You may remember my post about my knitting friends and our group afghan here. We each made nine of the same squares, then exchanged them to put together, one square from each knitter, into an afghan of our very own. I really adore my little afghan. It fills me with a sense of community and warmth. The only thing, it wasn't quite long enough, and my toes kept poking out and getting chilled! It needed a border to give it the extra length for comfortable snuggling.

This summer one of the ladies was crocheting dishcloths in a sweet little bubble stitch. I had been searching for such a stitch for my border. I practiced on a few dishcloths to get the hang of it, work out the kinks, and tweak it to fit my project.

 I crocheted strips, then sewed them onto the afghan.

The afghan is now long enough to cover my toes, and is quite warm and toasty. I like that the border is different than all the rest of the squares, yet is very similar to the central square. It's easier for me to crochet, so I'm happy that the crochet pattern transitioned well with the knitted blanket.

Thanks again to my lovely knitting friends with their insight and suggestions to help me in all my yarny endeavors. And thanks to this fluffball for keeping my toes warm when my afghan is out of reach.

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