Alabama Chanin Pants

I've finally had a few moments to spare to stitch up these really comfy, well-fitting Alabama Chanin Pants. My first go is a basic garment ~ plain, single layer. I wanted to make sure they fit correctly before putting in the time and expense of creating a fully embellished version. I used Alabama Chanin 100% organic medium weight cotton jersey fabric in the color Suede. Unfortunately, this gorgeous color was a limited run, and is not available at this time. 

I made the size suggested by the sizing chart, and am very happy with the final fit. They are not clingy or tight, nor are they over-sized and baggy; but a very nice tailored look in a relaxed sort of way.

The photo above is with the waistband stretched tight, and below the waistband is cinched in about two to three inches, how I would wear them. You can see there is not a lot of superfluous fabric.

Because I'm rather short, I added about two inches onto the cropped pants length and ended up with the perfect long pants. I would guess it took me about six to eight hours to cut out and hand stitch these pants.

I was contemplating not putting in the casing and drawstring, but using the fold-over elastic instead. I feel it would have been too low-waisted for me. I like to wear these type of pants a little higher than my jeans. Next time I think I'll add an extra inch or two, and then try the elastic.

I'll get a lot of wear out of these pants. The color is perfect for every season. The single layer is lightweight enough for summer; and there's just enough room to slip an extra layer for warmth in the fall/winter months. I have enough of this fabric to make the car coat, which is in my queue of projects. Perhaps I'll get to that after the holidays!! Speaking of which, I hope you all have a most wonderful Holiday Season.

Alabama Chanin Unisex Shirt

Alabama Chanin Unisex Shirt, XXL, organic cotton jersey Earth over Black, Magdalena stencil, reverse applique and negative reverse applique techniques, modified length and neckline.

This shirt is an Alabama Chanin kit that I had left over from one of my classes. I was secretly hoping it would be available, because I love this color combination, and wanted to make this XXL size as sort of an oversized "boyfriend" style shirt. I cut off about 7 or 8 inches to make it a crop top.

I used this shirt for demonstrations in my last class. I had been wanting to try out a new technique to me, using a combination of both the reverse applique technique AND the negative reverse applique techniques together (I'm calling it inside out applique for short). I needed courage and asked the ladies in class if I should try it out, and they all wholeheartedly agreed I should. I'm glad they gave me the courage to give it a go, because I love the results.

 I did not apply the binding around the neck.

 Instead I simply folded the edge down and whip stitched along the neckline.

I may go back in and alter the neck, making it longer and deeper.

This is a great Fall transition piece and winter wearable. Here it is with the Alabama Chanin short fitted dress. The dress is black on black with the paisley stencil.

You can see here that the back of the unisex shirt is plain.

The unisex cropped top looks cute with black jeans, a black under t-shirt, and short black boots. Here it is with the fitted skirt. The skirt is earth, inked and quilted technique, with black binding at the bottom. The stencil is lovelace.

You can barely see it, but the back of the skirt dips down just a bit. Add a warm pair of black tights and some boots and you're ready to go!

Alabama Chanin Fitted T-Shirt

Alabama Chanin fitted t-shirt in a size XXL, white over sand, in Anna's Garden stencil.

Here's the outside and inside of just the embellished portion.

An close-up, detail shot of the beautiful Anna's Garden stencil pattern.

After stitching the shoulder seam on each side, I then attach the sleeve.

Once the upper sleeve is stitched, then pin and stitch from the tip of the sleeve, all along the sleeve, under the arm, and down through the side seam, all the way to the hem.

I chose to fell or top-stitch the seams.

Attach the neck binding. I've left the hem and sleeves raw.  This t-shirt worked up fairly quickly because only the front panel was embellished. Also, only the front panel is double layered; the sleeves and back are both single layers.

I'll wear this t-shirt more like a pullover or sweater with jeans, sweats or a skirt. It's a perfect transition piece for Autumn.