Portland Art & Soul 2017

The Art & Soul ladies have done it again. They've orchestrated another amazing event, filled with women from all over the country, talented instructors, gathering together like-minded creatives, to learn, be inspired, create, meet old friends, make new friends, and just plain have a grand old time! Happy faces were seen, excitement, laughter, such a great vibe was in the air.

Creative, open, sharing, funny, warm, convivial just begins to describe the beautiful ladies that I had the pleasure of spending time with this weekend. I feel so lucky to have met them ALL! We chatted, and shared, and cut, and learned, and stenciled, and stitched, and bantered, and bounced around ideas, and laughed, and sewed, and shared some more.

My heart is full; and I'm so grateful to have spent the weekend with this group of talented fellow artists. I truly hope we stay in touch, keep abreast on our projects, and that we'll meet up again in the near future. Until then, happy stitching, everyone.

(Video) Tying a knot - Tutorial

In the Alabama Chanin method of sewing, using a double strand of thick button craft thread with cotton jersey fabric, we always use a double knot. Many people have their own way to tie a knot. Years ago when I traveled back to the Alabama Chanin Factory, I was shown this method of tying a knot. It immediately became my favorite! When I demonstrate this method in class, I often see light bulbs going off, just like it did for me that day at the Factory. Here are quick tutorials on how I tie my beginning and ending double knots. Use your pause button, because the words flash by fairly quickly. Be sure to lock in those knots with your nails and a tug. I hope this helps!

                                                   How to quickly tie a beginning double knot.

                                                       How to tie an ending double knot.

A few extra Alabama Chanin kits

I've ordered a few extra Alabama Chanin kits, just in case you'd like to join in my class at Art & Soul, Portland. There are a few spots left in Hand Stitching and Embellishing, The Alabama Chanin Way, April 9th; and one seat left in Cut, Stencil, Stitch April 7 & 8. Email me directly or comment for kit choices. Sign up directly with Art & Soul.

Join in the hand stitching, slow fashion movement, and learn to make your own beautiful and comfortable Alabama Chanin styled clothing.