Dottie Angel Pattern in the Alabama Chanin Style

This is the Dottie Angel Frock pattern from Simplicy #1080.

I modified this same pattern over a year ago to make a basic top. (Read about it here.)

This top is so comfortable, I made one up with Alabama Chanin 100% organic cotton jersey, apple over white. I used the Alabama Chanin Daisy stencil.

Red Coats & Clark button craft thread was used for the running stitch around some elements, and variegated floss for the satin stitch on the dots inside the flowers.

White embroidery floss was used for the little clusters on the outer dots.

It always amazes me how different the garment looks when cutting away the top layer of fabric for the negative reverse applique technique. On this detail shot you can see the red embroidery floss used for the feather stitch on the tiny leaves throughout the pattern.

I wore this top to the farmer's market today for the first time, paired with my basic plum dress. You can read more about the dress here. The darker plum color brings this top from summer to fall. I have a beautiful Prairie Underground sweatshirt in the same plum color that will make it really cozy as the weather cools down. I think this top will look cute with a long sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck layered underneath. Throw on a pair of leggings, tall boots, and chunky sweater, and I'll be ready for winter!

Autumn Alabama Chanin T-shirt Top

What to do with one yard of Alabama Chanin's discontinued autumn mid-weight jersey fabric? I played around with colors until I placed the autumn next to ballet ~ yes. Then I tossed my tiny scrap of hand-dyed madder into the mix ~ just right. This combination would make a very nice summer to autumn wear.

This is the Alabama Chanin T-shirt pattern that I shortened and modified with a V-neck. I always size up when using the t-shirt pattern. Even though I sized up, with the double layer of fabric and embellishing, it's still a snug fit.

I used the Angie's Fall placement stencil, and stenciled the front and back with spray fabric paint in a camel color. Unfortunately, Alabama Chanin does not offer the placement stencil at this time, but you could cut your own or use their full placement stencil and put paper and tape over unwanted elements.

The stamens are backstitched with variegated embroidery floss, leaving the tails out at the tip of the stamen. The rest of the design is backstitched in tea embroidery floss.

I used the feather stitch to attach the hand-dyed madder binding.

With only two seams in the sleeveless top, it was a pretty quick project. Just what I needed to cut, stencil, and stitch this garment for wearing now, during summer and autumn.

Alabma Chanin modified A-line Top

I was inspired by the custom top made for Kristine Vejar from a Verb for Keeping Warm in this Journal post from Alabama Chanin. The parchment on parchment color is so pretty and will go with everything. Also, the tone on tone could allow me to do a lot of embellishing without it feeling too busy.

I modified the Alabama Chanin A-line pattern, shortening it and reducing the hem by quite a bit. I used the Daisy stencil with the negative reverse applique technique. Being all tone on tone, I left my tails out for even more texture.

I love this top! It goes with everything and is so comfy and cute. This will definitely be a wardrobe staple.