Introducing- Jackie O and Alabama Chanin style

Introducing - Jackie O ~

I was recently in Jackson Hole for a girls' trip. Amidst the skiing and eating, and biking and eating, and hot tubing and eating, and just hanging out and eating, we did get a wee bit of poking around and shopping in. We mostly hit the "op" shops or thrift stores, but we did meander past a boutique that happened to be selling some mannequins, the same type of mannequin that I had been wistfully dreaming of purchasing online. Lucky me, for they were less than half the price, just the right size, in tip-top shape, and yes, we did have room in the car to bring her home. So I purchased her, strapped her in the back seat next to me, and we became best buddies on the 12-hour drive home. Since she hailed from Jackson Hole, we appropriately named her Jackie O.

When weather and lighting permit, I will bring Jackie O outside and snap a few pics of her attired in my newest projects.

This is the fitted dress in ochre.  I used the Angie's Fall stencil, brown paint, maroon thread, in negative reverse applique. I wasn't sure which color thread I wanted to use, so I stitched up a little sample to see what I liked best.

I felt the burgundy gave me a little color pop without looking too busy.

Here is the same fitted short dress pattern, also in Angie's Fall stencil, reverse applique, tan paint, gray thread. I used the organic cotton that I indigo dyed last summer (read about it here) for the bottom layer, and Alabama Chanin hand-dyed indigo organic cotton on top.

The paint was so subtle that I had a really difficult time seeing it when working the pattern. Note for next time, use a darker shade of tan!

Here's the same dress with the indigo skirt I made here. I like the extra layer in the cooler weather, and it looks pretty too. I paired this outfit with my brown cowboy boots and brown leather moto jacket. The A. Chanin wrap cardi in black with my black wedges will look nice as the weather warms; and white flip flops with no skirt in the summer.

Close up of skirt/dress layering.

Here's a few pictures of Jackson Hole, breathtakingly beautiful. 


  1. I think I need a Jackie O to model my first project, the beautiful corset. Love the way the ochre dress turned out. Would have never thought of using maroon thread. Perfect! Trying to decide what to use to stencil and stitch autumn fabric purchased at Art and Soul. Your blog helps to encourage some experimentation. Thank you, Elsie

  2. You should model your corset, Elsie. You did a beautiful job sewing it! Please let me know what you decide to do with your fabric. I'm also toying with the idea of making something with the Autumn. It's such a pretty color.