Indigo Summer

Indigo Summer

This is the perfect addition for summertime; single layer, cool as a cucumber. This is the short skirt pattern from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design book by Natalie Chanin at Alabama Chanin. I had cut this little number out about a year ago from plain white organic jersey. I then realized that white was not the best choice for  me, as I always seem to be sitting in something or dropping bits of chocolate on myself (Yes, I do eat that much chocolate!). So those white panels sat tucked away in anticipation for inspiration to strike.

When my friend Debbie so generously invited me over to have a go with her indigo vat, inspiration struck, and I knew exactly what I wanted to dip! Yep, those little white panels. I am over the moon with their transformation ~ the different depths of color and variations are gorgeous. One thing I learned, though, it's best to dye a completed garment or yardage. Once you dye, you must wash and dry the fabric. Those edges curled up as tight as a potato bug, and it was the dickens trying to steam press them out so I could sew it together. Lesson learned.

I also dyed some yardage, which I'm still bouncing around ideas on the perfect item to make with it. I could use another fitted dress, paisley stencil, with grayish indigo under; though a tunic might be nice; or a long sleeved t-shirt; many great choices.

What are you working on? Something to keep you cool in the summer heat? Or are you looking ahead towards fall or winter? Do share, please, I love hearing what everyone is up to.