Crafty Bling

Gifty Bling ~ I have been in a blingy mood lately, making all kinds of fun sparklies for relatives, friends, and I couldn't help but make a few things for myself.

First up are a trio of earrings for Mother's Day.

Amazonite, apatite, and moonstone on sterling and aluminum. 

Tourmaline (don't you love all the colors?) and sterling.

Green garnet and gold vermiel. 

With lots of birthdays coming up, I was into using sterling and Karen Hilltribe silver, leather, and some pearls.

This leather wrap can be worn as a bracelet or single/double/ or triple strand necklace. The leather was a bit too bright and shiny for me, so I used some sandpaper to distress it. I started with 60" of leather, and with all the knots and 21 pearls, the final necklace is 41". 

Ancient Roman glass, pearls, sterling and leather.

I was beyond ecstatic to find another cache of this amazing ancient Roman glass. Each piece is unique, the patina luminescent, rustic, gorgeous. 

Trio of necklaces in tarnished sterling, gold, pearls, moonstone, and raw diamonds.

The top necklace is really a longer necklace, 38",  wrapped twice.  

This second necklace is 21" long. I've strung pearls and gold, and used a pendant that I had made many years ago using PMC in a reverse mold that I had made from an impression of a button. It feels good to finally have it made up into a wearable piece of jewelry. 

The bottom 30" necklace is rosary style, each tiny pearl or stone is linked together. I love mixing gold and silver together, especially using tarnished and bright silver. In this necklace I've linked different colored cultured pearls, moonstone, a few gold vermiel hex beads, and silver together. The longer necklaces could also be wrapped multiple times to form bracelets. 

I've put my pliers, wire, and stones away for a while, until I feel inspired to go on my next blingy binge. 

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