Hygge and knitting group

Hygge and knitting group ~

For the past year now I have had a standing date once a week with an interesting, genuine, kind, and funny group of women. Serendipity brought us together, and I am most humbly grateful that they have generously welcomed me into their fold. They are "The knitting Group", and I am doubly grateful, because really, I do not knit. Oh, I can have a go at it. My lips will purse and my brow will furrow, and all conversation around me slips into an abyss as I concentrate on the chicken scratch markings in front of me, and I try to translate it into a wrap or knit or turn. Is the rabbit jumping into the hole? Or do I fling the yarn behind and around?  When I really put my mind to it (and nothing else), I can knit a square or two, or perhaps a hat or felted slipper. But really, I do not knit. These ladies see my distress and thankfully do not mind that I veer from the knitting path and bring something to stitch or crochet or at times, nothing at all. When I do join in and knit, there is always generous and welcomed advice and a helping hand from any one of these talented knitters.

Soon after I joined the group it was decided that we would have a square swap. We would all use the same yarn, a bulky, soft, ecru, wool, reminiscent of the traditional Irish fisherman's sweater. Each of our individual squares would be a design of our choosing. We would make nine of them. Then we would exchange our squares, bind them together, and each have a small lap throw of our very own. I must admit I was skeptical that I could participate in this lovely affair. My heart was in a bit of a panic thinking about knitting squares, squares that HAD to be a certain size, and squares that would eventually reside in the homes of these fabulous knitters. But they reassured me, offering their guidance and advice when needed.

I'm so glad I rose to this challenge, because during this year of knitting our squares, we have laughed and cried; discussed the funny vagaries of our aging bodies; contemplated the meaning of life; exchanged recipes and repairman phone numbers; mostly we have laughed. You know that deep down belly laugh? That's the kind of laugh I'm talking about. There is always some interesting fact or hilarious story that just seems to pop up during our afternoons. We are a multi-generational group, but our commonality defies a number in years. I do not feel an age difference, just true camaraderie.

A couple of weeks ago we gathered together for the exchanging of the squares ~ Ta-da! A tea party was planned for this auspicious occasion by our most gracious host. Hygge - "In essence,hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people."  Our host has a special knack for creating a warm, cozy atmosphere, pure hygge, and her tea party did not disappoint.

I learned to knit a little bit better; how to block a square; and how to sew my squares together: But more importantly, I've been given the gift of friendship with all these women, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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