April showers bring May flowers. Not only is May a welcoming to Spring, it is also the month of #memademay. The #memademay movement is a great way to bring attention to hand making and slow fashion. Plus it's great fun to see what everyone is creating and an opportunity to show our own hand made goodies.

I'm going to post my #memademay outfits with details and links. I hope you'll join in and use the #memademay hashtag to post your own handiwork!

MAY 1:

I wore this outfit with black Converse tennies and my charcoal gray Patagonia down sweater. It was a chilly day.

I had access to this polo pattern during my Individual Studio Day at Alabama Chanin. I used black jersey fabric under and I believe midnight over. It's the Little Folks stencil, backstitched with DMC variegated embroidery floss and a few matte grey sequins.

The sequins are stitched over, with two French knots spaced between. They're a little difficult to see.

This is the Alabama Chanin Factory dress pattern (more details here), done in a single layer of wet paint stenciled fabric that I made. More about wet paint stenciling here.

MAY 2:

I wore grey wool felted Haflinger clogs with this outfit.

This crisscross top I also cut out at my Individual Studio Day. I had originally made it with Apple colored jersey on top and a hot pink underneath. Big mistake! It turned out looking like Strawberry Shortcake to me, something a two year old would wear. I was ready to give it away, when I thought I'd try to overdye it in black. It's not black, but I'm so happy with the results. It even goes perfectly with this single layered, lightweight plum colored Alabama Chanin fitted top.

This is the fitted t-shirt pattern with a v-neck modification.

Here's some detail of the rosebud stitch done in slate thread.

MAY 3:

This is the Alabama Chanin Factory dress in the Magdalena stencil, dusk over sand (or parchment). I wore it with an older Cabi top and my wool clogs. You can see more details on the dress here.

MAY 4:

It was a loungy sort of day, so I wore these pants. You can read more details about these Sonya Philips pants here.

MAY 5:

This is my very first hand stitched item I made. It's the Alabama Chanin fitted tank made from my husband's old t-shirt. It's one of my favorite go-to tops. Today I'll be working out in the yard, so I'll be wearing this with an old pair of pants and gardening clogs (so fashionable :).

MAY 7:

It was a hot day and I wanted to wear this yellow dress (full story here) with sandals, but my summer shoe box was still stored high up on a shelf, and none of our ladders could be found, so I spied an old pair of Toms cream colored lace shoes that belonged to my daughter and borrowed them for the day.

MAY 12:

Oh boy, I was so busy this past week, this is the only photo I took. It's my hand stitched fitted Alabama Chanin skirt in the color suede (more info here) and a "new" repurposed blouse I scored at one of my favorite local haunts, Cowgirl Cash. Rebecca always has something special in her shop! I wore my favorite brown short boots with this outfit.

MAY 16:

MAY 17:

I'll add more to this post as the month progresses.

What are YOU wearing for #memademay?


  1. Makes me want to head down to Alabama for an Individual Studio Day. Nice styles! Great idea overdying; I may have to try that if this next project doesn't meet my daughter's approval. Thank you for always being so inspirational. Elsie

    1. Hi Elsie~ Yes, Alabama is amazing! And yes, the overdying is a great mistake corrector. I've seen others do the same as I did and save otherwise wonky colored garments. What are you working on for your daughter?

  2. That black a-line with leaves stencil. It has been cut out for quite a while but I'm dragging my feet on stenciling. No excuse, the weather has been great. Hooked on knitting right now but need to get back to AC stuff. Elsie

    1. I know what you mean; I often drag my feet for stenciling too. It is a process....