Alabama Chanin Magdalina Factory dress

Magdalina Factory dress ~

When I saw this shawl on the Alabama Chanin website a while back, I was struck by the overall aesthetics: the colorway, dusk over sand with slate thread, in the Magdalina stencil was breathtaking! This was something that would coordinate well into my wardrobe, and made for an easy choice for my next project, or projects as it turned out.

During the alterations workshop I attended in Alabama this past June, I chose to make a factory dress and a custom shirt using these same colors and stencil.

I chose a size smaller in the factory dress than I would usually make in the tank dress. There is a lot more fabric in the lower portion of the dress, though it's still nicely fitted at the top. I altered the pattern and added a v-neck instead of the crew neck. I really love this dress. It's very pretty on, and incredibly comfortable. I particularly like the way the skirt stands out just a bit, almost like you're wearing a tiny crinoline petticoat.

The top is from a custom pattern that Diane helped me create from one of my favorite t-shirts.

A double layer of embellished fabric makes for a stiffer garment, so I knew I should have stayed with a single layer of fabric for a more drapey feel, like the original t-shirt, but I really wanted this pattern in a shirt, so I went ahead and stitched it up.

Here it is paired with one of my first projects. This skirt was rather ambitious for a newbie, and took me three months to complete. I started with a DIY kit, which made the process a little easier.  It's tone on tone with the climbing daisy stencil. Each of the daisies is stitched with a lovely, gauzy ribbon. I have since learned that using a very large needle will make the process much smoother. At the time, I used a smaller needle, and thus I had to use my jewelry pliers to pull EACH.... STITCH.... THROUGH....THE.....FABRIC! That's why it took me three months to make! Phew, makes me tired just thinking back on it! That being said, the effect is stunning, and it was worth the time and effort. Live and learn; right?

Here's another shot of the factory dress, this time paired with the A.Chanin wrap cardigan in natural. I like this combination, as the wrap cardigan cinches the waist in, and accentuates the fullness of the skirt.

I think this dress and the top will transition well in to autumn, with brown boots and sweater when needed.

What are you working on lately? Anything new for autumn or even winter? I'd love to hear about it.

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