Alabama Chanin Fitted T-Shirt

Alabama Chanin fitted t-shirt in a size XXL, white over sand, in Anna's Garden stencil.

Here's the outside and inside of just the embellished portion.

An close-up, detail shot of the beautiful Anna's Garden stencil pattern.

After stitching the shoulder seam on each side, I then attach the sleeve.

Once the upper sleeve is stitched, then pin and stitch from the tip of the sleeve, all along the sleeve, under the arm, and down through the side seam, all the way to the hem.

I chose to fell or top-stitch the seams.

Attach the neck binding. I've left the hem and sleeves raw.  This t-shirt worked up fairly quickly because only the front panel was embellished. Also, only the front panel is double layered; the sleeves and back are both single layers.

I'll wear this t-shirt more like a pullover or sweater with jeans, sweats or a skirt. It's a perfect transition piece for Autumn.

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