Alabama Chanin Style Stenciled Curtains

We noticed that the curtains at the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch were rather plain, so I offered to add a stenciled border. Because of the placement of the beds, one set needed a border at the hem, and the other up the sides.

I made sure to wash the curtains first, as usually new items are shipped with sizing or some other fabric stiffener in the fabric. The paint may not take if there are chemicals in the fabric.

I set up my garage and sprayed in the cool of the morning, instead of out in the sun during the heat of the day. The paint can get rather viscous and sticky in heat and humidity.

I first put down a drop cloth, then put paper over it. Our local newspaper has end of the rolls of their newsprint paper for free. It's useful for all types of projects, especially spray painting.

I chose the Alabama Chanin's Paisley stencil. I've used this stencil a lot! Since there are mostly men at the Ranch, I felt this classic stencil would suit them well, while still adding some pattern. I didn't do any sewing on the curtains, just the paint. It was very easy, and I think it turned out really nice.

What do you think?


  1. I think they are lovely! I suspect many men like some feminine influence in their surroundings if it is as classy as this.

  2. Thank you, Carol. You're right, a little feminine influence is a good thing.

  3. Nice! I like the idea of just a border with thought given to bed placement in the room. Thank you for adding the steps to stenciling --- wash the fabric, plastic with paper on top, avoid humidity and heat. Really attractive setting for the men. Elsie

    1. Hello Elsie~You're most welcome for the tips, any time. Perhaps there's another stenciling party in your near future???? Keep me posted.