We have a winner!!

Yay! We have a winner for the Travelling Veterans Quilt!!! In fact, we have lots of winners. First of all, the people involved in making the quilt and raising $3,082 for the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch: And all the people at the Ranch helping all our amazing veterans: Everyone helping make a difference for all those who helped preserve our freedoms and fight for our wonderful country. Thank you so much. And thank YOU for all your support and for buying raffle tickets. 

And the winner of The Travelling Veterans Quilt is.....(drum roll, please).... Debbie Siebert!!! Congratulations, Debbie! Debbie would like to keep the flag travelling, and hopes to display it in a very public place. What a wonderful idea. I'll keep you posted on just where the quilt winds up next. 

To be continued......

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