Alabama Chanin Camisole Red Dress

The grand finale of the three dresses for my daughter, two basic and one embellished, is the Alabama Chanin camisole dress in Alabama Chanin organic cotton jersey, Apple and Natural.

The stencil is Angie's Fall placement stencil. 

I used burgundy embroidary floss to backstitch around all the elements, and did the reverse applique technique. 

My daughter liked the neckline and arms without the binding, so we left them off. This is her (and my) favorite so far. I have to admit, my eyes went all misty when she put it on and I saw the huge smile on her face. 

My heart is full ~*~


  1. Angie's Fall placement stencil vs. all-over stencil. Is there a difference in size? Which did you use? What did you use for the paint? Model and dress are so gorgeous. Elsie

    1. Hi Elsie~ Thank you so much.

      I used the placement stencil. Yes, there is a difference. If you look at the Alabama Chanin website, you can see a photo of each. The all-over design is 30X36 and the placement is 15.5x20.5. The all-over might be easier to use, especially on a larger garment like a dress, but I only had the placement stencil. I used Simply Spray fabric paint for Upholstery in Saddle Brown. I'm not sure how available this paint is, as I've not seen it in the stores lately. But the Tulip Brand also has some larger cans of fabric paint. I didn't find any difference in feel between the upholstery and regular fabric spray paint in the Simply Spray brand. I'm not sure about Tulip. Patti