Facebook Art Challenge

There are always many Art Challenges going on throughout Facebook. It's wonderful to catch up with what my artist friends are creating; and it's interesting to see the different mediums they work in.  I was recently nominated to participate in such an Art Challenge, posting three pieces a day for seven days, then nominating the next artist. I thought I'd make a post here for non-Facebook friends and family. It spans from about 15 years ago to the present.

Day 1: To begin, I'll share what I spend most of my time on ~ hand stitching. These three pieces are hand stitched using applique, reverse applique, multiple embroidery stitches, couching, and beading.

I used pliers to pull each ribbon stitch on this skirt. You can read more about that here

Day 2: A few "art"istically painted things around my home. The insets on the pie safe are a little difficult to see, but they're patinated copper sheet, embossed with birds and passionflower vines. Wire wrapped handles mimic a bird's nest. Note the stencil on the archway for the next post.....

Day 3: The focus is on stencils. Note the stencil I used in Day 2's wall painting. I used that stencil to make this skirt. Next, I created the artwork for my "poppies" stencil in Photoshop, then used the stencil to create this yellow dress. The last photo, I painted over an extra copy of the poppies stencil artwork to hang in my indigo room.

Read more about this skirt here.

Read more about my poppy stencil and the yellow dress here.

I had an extra copy of the artwork for my poppies stencil, so I painted over it with acrylic paint pens, spray paint, inks, etc.

Day 4: Silver ~ the pendant and ring I carved and casted; and (except for the clasp) the metal components in the bracelet I made with PMC (precious metal clay). 

Carved in wax, lost wax casting, stones set~first and only ring using this method.

Day 5: Both copper trellises for my yard are soldered copper wire, tubing and pipes. The first piece I also soldered the two colorful glass inserts. The larger glass rondelles and glass flowers on this piece are the work of Miguel Esobedo, master glass blower. His work is so beautiful. The second piece was a collaboration of myself (creating the copper trellis) and Rita Dunlevy (creating the fused glass insert). Isn't Rita's work amazing? The third I used an existing lamp, removed the silk fabric, and wired in an untold amount of strands of natural rock crystal chips and Swarovski crystals.

Day 6: Clay ~ Ceramic and PMC (precious metal clay).

Helen Bomerito threw the form (cake stand or pot), and I embellished and painted it.

My first clay project. I helped my son's 2nd grade class, and the teacher let me make this super quick after class.It reminds me of that day.

Day 7: On my final day are three hand stitched garments.

I stitched this up as a sample for a class at Makers' Mercantile. Now I need to make one for myself.
Read more here.

Three years in the making (I kid you not), "The Coat" is fully couched and hand stitched. It fits like a dream.... read more here.

This is my most repinned Pinterest pin. Read more here.

I had fun looking back over the years on things that I've made, and memories surrounding them. Do you have a particular item that you've made that brings back memories that you'd like to share?


  1. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful art pieces. I liked being able to go back to the original blog posts to learn more. Your talent has no bounds. Elsie

  2. Thank you, Elsie. I'm looking forward to hearing what YOU decide for your next project!

  3. I found youvia Pinterest, and I'm thrilled that I did! You do beautiful work. I recently watched a video with Nathalie Chanin, you've inspired me to get started!

  4. Hi Dede~ I'm so glad to meet you, and thank you. I'm sure you're going to love the whole process and the results. Natalie's books are a wealth of information and inspiration! If you ever have any questions of me, feel free to ask. And please, keep me in the loop.

  5. Lovely ....your work makes me want to make everything you make! Thank you for all you have taught me. Katie

  6. Thank you, Katie; and you're welcome. And thank you for sharing your projects and process with me also. I so enjoy keeping in touch!