Alabama Chanin class at Art & Soul

Alabama Chanin class at Art & Soul~

Happy dance, huge smile, swell of gratitude, these are just a smidgeon of emotions pinging around after Sundays' wonderful class. It always amazes me how quickly a room full of women can come together and share and laugh. Glenny at Art & Soul Retreats does such an excellent job of facilitating the perfect environment for any creative type to gather and enjoy. Thank you, Glenny.

We spent the day exploring all things Alabama Chanin, from the basics to the elaborate in hand stitching. Everyone came away with a solid understanding of how they can make their own heirloom pieces. I was promised photos of completed projects; and I can't wait to see them! I only wish I had more time to spend with each and every one of these talented ladies, to get to know them better.

A special thank you to Kristina for her lovely picture memorabilia that she sent to me after the class. It's the perfect reminder of a wonderful day.

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