Art & Soul meet and greet

Art & Soul meet and greet~

Sunday was a happy whirlwind of a day. I drove the three and a half hours to Portland. What a beautiful drive: over snowy mountain passes; long forested expansive views; picturesque river weaving its way to and fro along the road. The sun playing hide and seek would light up the water to that pale, icy, Alpine blue, sparkling diamonds along the surface, then disappear and plunge it into inky, mysterious darkness. The drop in elevation exchanges pine trees and craggy mountains for ferns and lichen covered trees. Miniature waterfalls explode suddenly from the sides of the cliffs. Every twist and turn brings a new vantage point and awe inspiring scene. Lucky me, the roads were clear and I could do nothing but enjoy the drive and drink it all in.

I arrived at the Sheraton a little early, and was warmly welcomed by Marie. I set up next to Susan Schenk who makes amazing paper collages. Her student samples from her pet collage class showed the striking resemblance of their pet portraits! Susan was so cheerful, and took me under her wing as a new instructor, introducing me around and making me feel right at home.

The time flew by as ladies asked questions and perused my sample books. Many had no idea what Alabama Chanin was, and it was a treat to introduce many to a whole new medium of making. Others had already been captivated and were Alabama Chanin enthusiasts, to say the least! I was thrilled to see one woman wearing her Alabama Chanin coat she made from the Craftsy class. It was gorgeous! She did an excellent job and wore it beautifully.

I brought mini-samplers and supplies for a demo, and about a dozen of us gathered together and began to sew. There was as much talking and laughter as there was stitching! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and truly hope that my new friends will take up the needle and thread and make their own Alabama Chanin projects.

All too soon the evening ended, and I had to say au revoir until next weekend, when I have my Hand Stitching and Embellishing class on Sunday. I am so excited and looking forward to another wonderful day of camaraderie, teaching, and making.

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