Thank you, Stitchin' Post

Thank you, Stitchin' Post for hosting such a wonderful workshop filled with warm, funny, curios and creative women.

Sewing samplers were immediately put to use, trying out new stitches and combinations.We were so busy and on a roll that I forgot to take any pictures. (Note to self: Take camera OUT of box.) Debbie quickly whipped up a pretty beading glove with part of her sampler ~ clever lady! We all had quite the giggle comparing my "ghetto glove" (an old sock with holes cut out) to her sweet little beader. Amanda added her own flair to the bloomers stencil, and the results were absolutely stunning!

The whole class was filled with this creative buzz, learning, laughter and sharing. It made me swell with happiness and gratitude. Thank you ladies for gathering together and spending your day with me. I truly hope to see you all, each and every one of you, again soon!

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