Electronically challenged Me

Electronically challenged Me.

Give me a torch, a paintbrush, needle and thread, some wire, a hank of beads, or a kiln and I can make something with it, something worthy: put me in front of a computer or other electronic gizmo, and my brain becomes dazed and confused, a virtual pile of mush. What is it about these wonderfully, frustrating devices that puts me in a tizzy? I'm not sure.

Perhaps that side of my brain needs to be exercised more. That was my thought when I took on the making of a promotional youtube video for my Art & Soul class, Hand Stitching and Embellishing, The Alabama Chanin Way. "This will be good for me," my inner voice chimed: "I'll be going outside of my comfort zone and learning something new," I prodded myself: "Maybe I'll even like it," hoping beyond hope.

Well, it has been many hours of brain numbing lessons; days of hand wringing; weeks of seeking advice; and months of gathering information and trial and error, and lots of help from my husband (Thank you!). I have finally completed my daunting task of making a simple youtube video. A very humbling experience, I might add. The final result is good, a little less than I would have liked, yet all that I can do. But I'll cut myself some slack, and appreciate the effort and the journey.

Sit back and enjoy, and I hope you too can appreciate the final video with me.

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