About me

Hi, I'm Patti. I've always been a maker, and I especially love to gather with friends to make things. I'm happily married, and have two awesome children...well, adults now, but I guess I'll always think of them as my babes.

I've painted walls and furniture; made and taught mosaics, sewn curtains and clothes; soldered copper pipes for garden art and jewelry; taken metal smithing classes and ran a jewelry making business; fused glass and silver; molded clay for ceramics and PMC for jewelry; knitted, felted, and done paper crafting. I enjoy cooking, and using local, organic ingredients whenever possible. I feel especially thrilled when I can repurpose something, saving it from the refuse and giving it a new life. I'm an Alabama Chanin Certified Sewing Instructor. I'll be travelling around and happily spreading the joy of hand stitching!

I hope you'll join me in my endeavors, the newest is the world of blogging, where I can share any interesting tidbits about Gathering & Making. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Of course I will join you!
    Catherine Witherell

  2. Wonderful ~ you are a most valued art buddy for sure, Catherine!