Bend Bulletin "Repairing a Nation, Stitch by Stitch" by Peter Madsen

The unveiling at the Redmond Airport was so special. Tammy did a fantastic job with everything.

Kyle, an airport employee and veteran, hand made the frame for the flag with repurposed wood from old sleuths and barn buildings around Central Oregon. It completes the flag perfectly. He even inset two small metal stars in the upper and lower portions of the frame.

The plaque eloquently explains the quilt flag and Central Oregon Veterans Ranch.

The Bend Bulletin was there, and their story "Repairing a Nation, Stitch by Stitch" by Peter Madsen ran in the paper on Saturday. Please read the full story here.

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in this project. Every single person added to and made this project into a wonderful tribute to our Veterans. Next time you travel through RDM, the friendliest airport ever in Redmond, Oregon, look right as you pass through the front doors to see the Veterans Quilt and her story.

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