Valentine tree, an Ode to Joy

Valentine tree, an Ode to Joy~

There is always a flurry of activity, putting away the holiday decor, cleaning it all up.....all except for one sweet little tree, vintagey, white feather with pale pink tips. 

During the holidays it's all dressed in snowy tone-on-tones ~ crystal, silver, white and cream. It's the only remaining sparkly thing in the house now that it's January.

Little tree will hang out like this for a couple of weeks until I bedeck it in pinks and reds and transform it into the Valentine tree.

I remember the first time I saw a Valentine tree. It was at my mother-in-law Joy's home. We were helping put away the Christmas items, and I asked about taking down the smaller tree. "Oh, no, we keep that one up. It's my Valentine tree." What a lovely idea! Joy added all her Valentines trimmings, and I adored how it brought one season into the next, a gentle reminder for what had just passed, and a celebration of all things love. That was my mother-in-law for you. A beautiful soul, full of spunky artfulness, a sparkle in her eye, and wisdom that went beyond judgement, with grace and gentleness. We lost her to cancer, and we miss her every day. My little tree, aka the Valentine tree, is my Ode to Joy, and my celebration of all things from the heart.

My kids and I have made little Valentines over the years, paper pompoms, tiny festive gift holders; nothing too fancy or glorified, yet they're colorful and fun. Added to the already tone-on-tone sparkle, they create just the right amount of kitschy, Valentine's Day theme.

When my children got a little older, instead of candy and chocolates for Valentine's Day, I would slip a set of movie tickets or some lip balm or a coffee card into the gift holder. To make the gift holder I used a toilet paper roll. Just staple the bottom closed, and glue pretty papers and any decorations you like on it.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? If so, what is your favorite thing about it?


  1. Hi Patti! Beautiful idea! Enjoy your posts; you are creative in so many ways --- writer, artist, ... Your pillows are fabulous too. I'm using what you taught us to make Alabama Chanin style t-shirts. The camisole is still beautiful on the hanger. Best wishes for 2016! Elsie from Art and Soul 2015

  2. Hello Elsie~ So lovely to hear from you. And thank you:) It makes me very happy that you are using your skills for more projects! It was a joy having you and your daughter in class last year. Please keep me in the loop; and pictures are ALWAYS most welcomed!