Autumn ~

Although the sun is high and  hot, the telltale slant of the shadows it casts upon the earth evokes the sense of change.

There’s a shift, a gentle nudge of something different. The air has an undercurrent of….what? Could it be a touch of coolness that I feel? I grasp to keep a hold on summer's sweetness; but the tighter I squeeze, the more I feel it slip through my fingers, like trying to grip water.

The sky is a paler shade of blue, mostly cloudless, with perhaps just a few ribbon-like wisps along the fringe. The trees, once bursting with growth and topped with fragile, verdant tips, have been relentlessly baked by the sun to a deeper, darker green and are cloaked in a layer of dust. Fields painted in pinks, purples, and reds are now crispy and tan. The only color, the hanger-oners, are bright swaths of yellow - beautiful, happy, sunny yellow.

A few weeks ago the thought of winter had me scampering back to summer, the idea too raw. It was too soon. But now, I’ll let my mind wander, just for a moment, in the memory of winter, the frosty snow, the chill of the swirling wind. Still, I rush back, glad to be enveloped by the sun, to feel the air on my arms, and welcome the gentle caress of a warm breeze… thankfully, still warm.

Mother Nature begins her dance of the seasons. She nods to cooler temps; then swings back to Indian summer; then swirls in a little more chill; then back to barefoot pirouettes through the grass. She plays peek-a-boo ~ summer, fall, winter, autumn, winter, Indian summer, fall ~ around and around until finally, yes, finally, we start to welcome the nip in the air and in the wind, the digging out of all things woolly and warm. We breathe in the cool, crisp, fresh air and think okay, I’m ready. She’s smart that way, easing us from one phase to the next. I appreciate her gentleness in these times, in foregoing the abrupt transition.

But for now, I’ll embrace the lingering vestiges of my Indian summer; smell the yellow sage; feel the sun's rays on my bare skin; bask in the light streaming from its new angle in the sky, even if only for today, for now. That’s good enough for me.

What are you doing during this transition? Picking pumpkins and tidying up your garden? Here's what I've been up to. Autumnal colors for a new Alabama Chanin outfit.

First phase, pinned together. 

Initial stitching of panels finished. Adding layers of leaves.

Final skirt and t-shirt. Notice the tiny leaves on the sleeve?

Here's a more detailed shot. I used variegated floss for the chain stitch around the larger leaves; cream button craft thread in the running stitch to applique the medium leaves; and a single strand of burgundy button craft thread to whip stitch applique the smaller leaves.

I'm also taking an online class through Jeanne Oliver, by Ivy Newport called "Mobile Art Magic". It's really fun! We're learning to take our photos and alter them with downloaded apps. Here's an example.

Original photograph

Altered photograph

I've been playing around with just a smidgen  (and I mean tiny, miniscule slice) of the possibilities. I can't wait to learn even more, and then use the images in my art. Perhaps I'll make Christmas cards this year. And on to the next season we go already.....

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