Alabama Chanin styled workout cover, Part 2

Alabama Chanin styled workout coverup, Part 2 ~ Completed skirt

I've just finished my little coverup skirt, and am very happy with the results. The stenciled shapes are very large, and the skirt is short, so it worked up rather quickly. Here's a picture of the inside of the skirt, just in case you're curios.

The backstitch along the bottom edge is double stranded. Usually in backstitch only a single strand of thread is used, but I wanted a bold, chunky look.

I really had fun with the French knots. I'm thinking I may want to do a project using French knots en masse soon. They're so pretty! I used slate thread color for construction, because I didn't want the skirt to get any busier or detract from the bold pattern. I did end up adding a few extra elements along the front and back to make the pattern more cohesive in the finished skirt.

If I were to make another skirt like this, I may go a little shorter and more fitted along the sides. But for now, this will do just fine for running errands after exercise classes. I may even wear it with a chunky sweater, leggings and boots sometime.

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