helping.hand.made - women, gathering together to hand make items for donation or sale with proceeds being donated to a worthy cause.

2018 -

UnBag Bend:

UnBag Bend is an initiative in Bend, Oregon to ban one-use plastic bags. As an aid to educate the general population about the need to ban plastic bags and to help spread awareness about their initiative, they have been making reusable bags from recycled t-shirts and will pass them out, free of charge, at varying locations throughout the Bend area.

Helping.Hand.Made recently gathered together to stitch up about 200 of these handy bags. If you'd like more information about UnBag Bend, please see the whole story here.

2017 -

The Travelling Veterans Quilt:

March of 2017 we began the process of hand stitching a 100" X 60" flag quilt to be raffled off July 7th, 2017 for Central Oregon Veterans Ranch. Tickets are $5 each, and may be purchased with any of the women in helping.hand.made, at Cowgirl Cash in Bend, OR, Lulu's in Bend, OR, and online through Central Oregon Veterans Ranch here. You may also email for further information.

Read the whole story of The Travelling Veterans Quilt here.

Travelling Veterans Quilt Calendar
May 3 - May 21 - Cowgirl Cash
May 23 - May 31 - Ginger's Kitchenware
May 31 - 3:00 Central Oregon Daily Show (click here to view the segment)
June 2 - Quilt Works
June 3 - 10:00-12:30 Pomegranate French Flea Market
June 14 - Central Oregon Veterans Ranch
June 15 - June 24 - Atelier 6000
June 25 - July 7 - Lulu's
July 4 - Old Fashioned July 4th Festival

Thank you in advance for your support!

Yay! We have a winner!!! In fact, we have lots of winners. First all the people involved in making the quilt and raising $3,082 for the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch: And all the people at the Ranch helping all our amazing veterans. Everyone helping make a difference for all those who helped preserve our freedoms and fight for our wonderful country. Thank you so much. And the winner of The Travelling Veterans Quilt is.....(drum roll, please).... Debbie Siebert!!! Congratulations, Debbie! And Debbie would like to keep the flag travelling, and hopes to display it in a very public place. I'll keep you posted on just where the quilt winds up next. To be continued......

September 2017 was the official unveiling at the Redmond Airport, the forever home to the Travelling Veterans Quilt. Read the full story on the blog here. We couldn't have dreamed of a better ending to this project. Thank you to EVERYONE involved. Next time you fly through our sweet little Redmond Airport, look right as you walk through the front doors and you'll see the Veteran's Quilt and her story.

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