Cocoknits Paulina ~ My Very First Sweater

I'm feeling rather giddy today. I've always admired those that can sit down with a ball of yarn, work their magic, and end up with a beautiful sweater to be cozied up into. Over the years I've daydreamed of nonchalantly knitting away whilst chatting with friends, never skipping a beat or dropping a stitch. For me, though, it is no small feat, really a mountainous task. I know I'll never be at ease like those knitting masters, but I'm very happy and satisfied with my first go. This project would have not been possible and successful without my ever present knitting guru girlfriends and our local yarn shop, Wool Town. Lovely comments and cheerings-on from my Instagram friends were also very heartening and kept me going. Thank you, one and all!

This sweater is from Cocoknits, the Paulina pattern. I used very soft, affordable yarn from Berroco Yarns, called Remix Light. "Delight in the making" is on the homepage of Cocoknits. There was much hemming and hawing and angst, but there was also "Delight in the making". I really like the way this garment fits. The sweet little uptick in the front is so flirty. Yes, I must wear a dress or t-shirt under it, but it's super cute! The yarn is very soft and bouncy. It floats like a feather on the body.

One tip from a friend was very useful. See the yellow highlighted place on the pattern in the photo above? That's highlighter tape, excellent for helping keep your place on the pattern.

Here's a photo of the back of the sweater. You can modify the pattern if you like to make the front without the lift, in which case it would look like the back. 

I made these cute little bags from a drop cloth. The small one is perfect for keeping the yarn corralled: and the large one is big enough to fit all of my knitting needs for one project.

It was a long, circuitous path, but I learned so much in making this sweater! I've already got two more projects lined up. It may be awhile, but I now have the confidence to look forward to "Delight in the making".


  1. Your sweater looks fabulous and I love your yarn/knitting bags, very creative. I look forward to seeing your next project.

    1. Hello Fiberfemme~
      Thank you so much. I originally saw the bags on Purl Soho. I had extra drop cloth scraps around, and my friend was making leather handles, so we thought we'd give it a go. I'll be doing some indigo dying in June and hope to make more bags from that.
      Thanks for visiting ~ Patti

  2. Very nice knitting! I love top down sweaters. That is the only kind of sweater I knit now. Cocoknits look very interesting. I like your idea of using highlighter tape. I use ribbon covered lining magnets..placed on front and back of the page. They work well too, but often slide if I travel with my knitting. Katie

    1. Hi Katie~

      Thank you so much! I'm going to try a different top down pattern next. The Paulina you do the right side and then the left side, so though it was kind of top down, it was not so intuitive for me. I'm looking forward to seeing if a top down front side, then back side will be easier. (Fingers crossed it is!!) I've not seen the magnetic ribbon. I'll have to check that out for when I'm knitting in one place. Patti