Autumn Alabama Chanin T-shirt Top

What to do with one yard of Alabama Chanin's discontinued autumn mid-weight jersey fabric? I played around with colors until I placed the autumn next to ballet ~ yes. Then I tossed my tiny scrap of hand-dyed madder into the mix ~ just right. This combination would make a very nice summer to autumn wear.

This is the Alabama Chanin T-shirt pattern that I shortened and modified with a V-neck. I always size up when using the t-shirt pattern. Even though I sized up, with the double layer of fabric and embellishing, it's still a snug fit.

I used the Angie's Fall placement stencil, and stenciled the front and back with spray fabric paint in a camel color. Unfortunately, Alabama Chanin does not offer the placement stencil at this time, but you could cut your own or use their full placement stencil and put paper and tape over unwanted elements.

The stamens are backstitched with variegated embroidery floss, leaving the tails out at the tip of the stamen. The rest of the design is backstitched in tea embroidery floss.

I used the feather stitch to attach the hand-dyed madder binding.

With only two seams in the sleeveless top, it was a pretty quick project. Just what I needed to cut, stencil, and stitch this garment for wearing now, during summer and autumn.


  1. Another beauty! It looks so perfect for going into the next season. I like the breathing spaces in your stenciling. I think it is the most difficult stencil to cut out of pennant felt with all the tiny cuts. The AC journal mentioned an updated t-shirt pattern: "the sleeve is symmetrical and the back shoulder seam is adjusted to better fit the front shoulder seam". Have you had a chance to check it out? Elsie

    1. Hi Elsie~

      Thank you for the nice compliment.

      I've not tried the new pattern. They have the regular t-shirt pattern and the unisex shirt pattern for sale, but no updated pattern online. Once it's released, I bet that some of the ladies in the FB group will give it a try. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Cheers~~