Alabama Chanin Shortened Skirt

This skirt started as the demo at my Camp Stitches Class a few months ago. The Alabama Chanin fitted skirt is easy because all the pieces are the same, and I don't have to fuss with making sure things match up when I'm in front of the class demonstrating techniques. I used Alabama Chanin medium-weight domestic 100% organic jersey cotton fabric in Carmine. The stencil is Abbie's Flower. I've used this stencil and pattern before with this skirt.

The Abbie's Flower stencil is so pretty, but it is a very intricate pattern that lends itself to the back stitch and embroidery, rather than cut outs in techniques such as reverse applique. In the Carmine skirt I did do some running stitch sections with burgundy Coats and Clark button craft thread. I was TRYING to finish it by Christmas to give to my daughter, but that did not happen. Once I realized I was not going to finish it, I began using the more time consuming stitches like the backstitch and the satin and stem stitches. There are some French knots used for texture. I started embroidering with Valdani #12 0 533, but was afraid I would run out, so I switched to the slightly brighter embroidery floss by Sue Spargo, Eleganza Perle #8 in col. EZM23 and EZ24. I constructed the skirt in Coats and Clark red button craft thread. I always construct a garment with the stronger button craft thread.

This Alabama Chanin fitted skirt has been shortened to the length of 15". It's a great little piece to pull on over workout pants; wear with tights, a sweater and boots in the winter; or wear with a tank and sandals in the summertime.

Notice that you can wear the skirt with the seam in the middle front, as shown above, or two seams worn off center, one near each side, as shown in the photo below.

It's a little hard to see in the photos, but it does give a slightly different look, especially if you have outward facing seams with contrasting fabric underneath as in the purple skirt, where the seams are more of a noticeable design detail. Here's that photo again.

I hope my girl likes her new red skirt and is able to integrate it into her wardrobe.

I know she won't wear it this way, as a top, but I've seen it done and thought I'd throw it out there. You never know if you're in a pinch, it just might fill the bill.

Happy stitching, everyone~~


  1. Love the delicate details on your carmine skirt. I was surprised to find many occasions to wear my first swing skirt which I only made because I had fabric leftover after cutting out an A-line dress for my daughter. It was only going to be a practice piece before I attacked the dress with self-mixed paint and sprayer. Surprise! It is quite a useful, flattering piece. A top, even more useful. Still want to try your shortened unisex shirt. You keep inspiring. Elsie

    1. Hi Elsie~ So glad you like the swing skirt! You're right; it is so very wearable and useful. And bonus when it's made from leftover fabric. Happy 2018!

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