(Video) Tying a knot - Tutorial

In the Alabama Chanin method of sewing, using a double strand of thick button craft thread with cotton jersey fabric, we always use a double knot. Many people have their own way to tie a knot. Years ago when I traveled back to the Alabama Chanin Factory, I was shown this method of tying a knot. It immediately became my favorite! When I demonstrate this method in class, I often see light bulbs going off, just like it did for me that day at the Factory. Here are quick tutorials on how I tie my beginning and ending double knots. Use your pause button, because the words flash by fairly quickly. Be sure to lock in those knots with your nails and a tug. I hope this helps!

                                                   How to quickly tie a beginning double knot.

                                                       How to tie an ending double knot.


  1. A video! Thanks. I finally get how to tie a knot correctly. Elsie

  2. I'm so glad it was helpful, Elsie.