Mindful Making

I began teaching hand stitching because I loved how relaxing it was. I wanted to share this craft and this feeling of slowing down and being more present in the moment. You may already know, but being creative and making things with your hands accesses the same part of your brain that Buddhist monks use while meditating. No wonder sewing feels so great; you're not only going to your happy place, but you're making something beautiful.

This holiday season, consider something outside the box; a gift that’s not to be wrapped and placed under the tree, but experienced: a gift that engages the mind, teaches new skills; a gift that keeps on giving. This holiday season you may want to consider giving the gift of creativity by gifting that special person in your life a workshop or class. Whether it's one of my hand stitching classes, or one of the many local or on-line courses, you're sure to find something that will thrill; drawing, glass fusing, painting, photography, sewing, wood working, cooking, soldering, pattern making, gardening, crocheting, knitting, wire wrapping.....the list goes on and on. Does something spark your interest? Put a class on your "Wish List".

During this holiday season, put Mindful Making on your radar. You just might discover something new and wonderful for that special someone or even yourself.

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