High Fiber Arts Symposium

High Fiber Arts Symposium and  Hand Stitching class ~

Scalehouse, a non-profit in Bend, put on a sensational event this past weekend, the High Fiber Arts Symposium. What a wonderful gathering of pioneers and general enthusiasts of the fiber type.

Jeanne Carver was the keynote speaker, kicking off the whole affair. Boy, is she an inspiration. This stunning, cowboy boot wearing, flowing blonde maned beauty is hard working, forward thinking, a steward of the land and the environment. Jeanne and her husband Dan own the Imperial Stock Ranch. Her mantra was "food, clothing, shelter". She spoke about basic needs and elevating them higher with an artistic viewpoint. The feats she accomplished, including bringing salmon back to her farm, starting over from ground zero after NAFTA, utilizing castoff pelts, just to name a few, are mind boggling. If you ever have a chance to meet her or hear her speak or read her story, I would highly recommend doing so. Pivotal to say the least.

She is committed to her animals, the land she works, and the craftsmen she collaborates with. Those makers include everything from the local artisan women to Ralph Lauren and Ethan Allen, private labels, and others. Her "Farm to Fashion"wool products are breath-taking.  Slow fashion at its finest.

Jeanne was just the tip of the iceberg. After she finished up, there was a round table discussion and a number of artist/maker vendors. Saturday included about a dozen hands-on fiber and art classes. One of those classes was taught by yours truly. We hand stitched tea towels, using the reverse applique technique. Elizabeth over at Gossamer was so kind, hosting our class at her beautiful shop. It was very exciting being in a room filled with so many local fiber enthusiasts. We all learned, and laughed, and stitched our way through the morning.

Saturday afternoon I was fortunate enough to take a class with Marie Bay, photographer extraordinaire. I came away with a number of hints and ideas about photography and the internet and branding. I'm sure you'll see evidence of some of them in the coming months on my blog.

Saturday evening was a reception, then the fabulous runway fashion show finale. I felt honored to share a couple outfits I had made in the show.

I do not commit lightly. I cherish my untetherdness, but I will become involved. Bringing makers together, in a sustainable, conscientious way is what I've been all about, what I'm passionate about, hence ....Gather and Make.


  1. Hi Patti! I attended your reverse applique session and have completed my tea towel and picked up materials for my first Alabama Chanin skirt! I'll send you a shot when it's complete...in a year?? Hopefully not that long!

  2. Hi April ~ Fantastic! So happy to hear that. I'd love to see pics. Come on down for Sit N Stitch at Dudley's if you can. It's first Tuesday of the month, 1-3. Hope to see you around.