Alabama T-shirt top with stripe in Indigo

Alabama Chanin T-Shirt Top with stripe, in Indigo ~

I have been coveting a length of hand-dyed indigo that I made with my friend Debbie a couple of summers ago (read story here). I've already made a skirt, a short tank dress, and a jacket, so I finally decided a top would be the ticket. I chose the Alabama Chanin T-Shirt Top pattern because it has sleeves. I like a V-neck, so I cut that into the pattern. For this top, I liked the look of the extra seam in the front and back, so I cut those in also. What I forgot to do was account for the extra seams, and how it would make the garment one inch smaller ~ oops!

When I tugged the top on, I was so disappointed! I knew I would never wear such a clingy garment, so the only thing to do was put a stripe in it. I cut a 3" stripe for the back of the top. I picked out the old seam and sewed up the two new seams. It worked like a charm! It fits wonderfully, and I really like the extra little detail.

I also felt the short sleeves were still too long for me, so I folded those up and secured them in place by sewing lots of tiny Alabama Chanin eyelets. I used slate button craft thread and variegated embroidery floss (4 strands) for the eyelets.

Just in time for Spring weather, and as always, the hint of summer from the Indigo dye makes me happy.

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