Road Trip ~ uh-hmmm ~ Mini Adventure!

Have you ever driven the same route a million times and wanted to pull over and explore a sweet cafe or shop on the way, but never had the time? Well, this trip my friend Penny and I decided to make it a little adventure and visit willy-nilly, wherever our hearts desired.

Our first spot was the Rustic Skillet on the McKenzie Highway. Our waitress was cheery and full of great suggestions. I don't know if it was the fact that I've not had bread or cheese for a while, but their tuna melt on rye was perfection and hit the spot. Then we shared a slice of warm berry pie a la mode, and that sent us both into oohs and ahhhs.

Next stop, downtown Eugene and my favorite shop there, Passionflower. As always, chocked full of beautiful things, pretty flowers, an eclectic mix to say the least. But I found my treasures next door at the Pewter Rabbit Antiques.

I found this very unique, leather, needle case, made in England. I've been searching for a needle case to keep my needles organized. Now, instead of searching through my pin cushion for just what I need, it will be ready and waiting, nestled in its own little spot. 

I spied the colors in this fabric from across the store. They drew me in and took my breath away. When I opened it up and saw the design and handwork, I knew this lovely was coming home with me. Crewel work is one of my favorites, and I adore botanicals done in an earthy way. This will be an exceptional focal point for my very large, blank wall. The wall has been empty since we moved in, TEN years ago. This piece will be just the incentive I need to get busy and finally finish off the front room.

Our adventure continued on our ride home the next day, for one last stop, at the Belknap Hot Springs. Oh, my, pure indulgence dipping into the 104 degree pool. The natural hot spring water is continually pumped in and cooled to the perfect temperature for dipping, swimming, relaxing, languishing. I could have stayed all day! But families and home were calling, so we contentedly ambled back to the car and continued on our way.

It's so fun going on a mini adventure with a friend. I wonder what we'll get up to next time????

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