Wood WISE by Amorim review, our new cork flooring

The next project on our list was to replace the 30+ year old carpet in the guest room. I really liked the carpet, but it was tired and worn and truly needed to go. But what to replace it with? More carpet; luxury vinyl plank; hard wood; engineered wood; laminate; tile? They all have their pluses and minuses to be sure; and when you add in the plethora of options, information, finishes, scorings, ratings, touchability, visuals, different names, manufacturers, country of origin, environmental issues, reliability, durability....this research is not for the faint of heart.

After many months of learning and comparisons and hair pulling, we chose to replace the carpet with a hard surface and decided on cork, a "green" product without any VOC's (nasty fumes), no formaldehyde nor phthalates.  We agreed to install Wood WISE by Amorim. Amorim has been in the cork business since 1870 and is a world leader in this sector. Wicanders, another big name in the cork world, is part of the Amorim family. They harvest the cork and create their flooring in Portugal. It's manufactured in a carbon negative facility (read about that here), making it a sustainable product. They use recycled water bottles for their top, protective layer. When we're done with it some day, our floor will be fully recyclable.

Gary at I&J Carpet introduced me to the product in their showroom. Of all the hundreds of samples of flooring I had looked at, Wood WISE topped my list for visual beauty and touchability (yep, that's a word in the flooring world). It looks very much like real hardwood. It's available in many colors and styles. There is texture on the surface which I wanted to help our dog keep her footing. Poor thing often does the Scooby scramble on our existing hardwood floors. As a huge bonus, this product is 100% waterproof, so those occasional accidents are easily cleaned up.

Wood WISE planks are brand spanking new, so we could not find even one review. It frankly took a huge leap of faith for us to even consider it. After weighing all the pros and cons, and factoring in that Wood WISE checked all of our boxes, we decided to place our order.

We pulled the baseboards off ourselves. It was quick and easy and even kind of fun due to having the right tool.

If you're going to reuse the baseboards, remember to number the back of the pieces so re-installation of your baseboards goes smoothly.

Wood WISE is a click-in product, so you can install it yourself if you like. We were in a time crunch, so we hired a pro.

Our floor looks absolutely beautiful! What a transformation. I love the feel of the floor. It's warm, and soft, and very quiet. Since it's only been installed for a few weeks, I'll have to update you as time goes on to report on durability. I can vouch that for us we could detect no off-gassing. My parents came to stay for the holidays a few days after the floor was installed. My mother is extremely sensitive to any and all noxious fumes or smells, and she did not have any issues at all. Gotta love that!

For now, we'll enjoy our new floor. I'll breathe easy knowing there is no off-gassing in our home; admire the beauty of our floor; enjoy the new updated look of our room; and hope the durability is as promised.

UPDATE: I cannot believe it's been over a year since we've had our cork floor! In the past year we've adopted two large dogs. Even with the extra wear and tear, the floor looks as beautiful now as when we first installed it. We've also had a few spills, some that weren't discovered until the next day. No problem at all.  I use a non-rotating head vacuum cleaner; and mop with the suggested Bona floor cleaner.

We have hardwood flooring in most of the house.There is a difference in feel. The cork flooring is softer. It makes sense, because the cork is protected by a layer of recycled plastic bottles and hardwood floors will have a harder finish. The cork is also more flexible and padded with a backing layer of cork. It's not better or worse: It's just a little different. 

We're extremely happy with our cork floor and would use it again if we have the opportunity. Best of luck with your flooring search!


  1. Vancouver BarbaraMarch 7, 2021 at 7:06 AM

    The floor looks beautiful. The colour is gorgeous. Thanks for all the info.

    1. I think it was the color that clinched the deal for me, thank you. And you're welcome.

  2. Your flooring is beautiful! The warm color almost glows, it makes such a difference in the room. You did so much research to find just the right product and it looks like it was worth it!

    1. Hello, Jean. Yes, it was the proverbial rabbit hole of information for sure; and yes, it was definitely worth it. Thank you!

  3. Looks great! Which color is this?

    1. Thank you, Keris. You have a very good question indeed! I can't remember the name now, nor locate the paperwork. I'll try to figure it out and edit the name in. It may take me a while. When I do I'll also add another reply here to answer your question. I know it was the least gray of the available choices, and not the very pale choice, which also did not have much gray. Sorry in advance for what will be a delayed answer.